Jason Fyk of Social Media Freedom partners with Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump said Stan Fitzgerald of Legacy PAC
Jason Fyk of Social Media Freedom partners with Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump said Stan Fitzgerald of Legacy PAC

Jason Fyk partners with Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump

Jason Fyk founder of Social Media Freedom interviewed with Jared Craig President of Legacy PAC announcing the partnership.

Veterans for Trump and Legacy PAC are strong advocates for freedom of speech so we will use our pundits and platforms to work with Jason Fyk and Social Media Freedom in this effort ”

— Attorney Jared Craig President Legacy PAC

MIAMI, FLORIDA , USA, November 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — From L-Strategies the official press of Legacy PAC

Recently attorney Jared Craig interviewed with Fyk and gave commentary explaining the organization goals , that interview can be viewed at https://veteransfortrump.us/jason-fyk-partners-with-legacy-pac-and-veterans-for-trump-in-his-firms-challenge-to-section-230s-constitutionality-fyk-vs-facebook/

“At Legacy PAC we understand that the success of the conservative movement lies in unity, collaboration, and strategic action. Through our grassroots efforts, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives, we seek to mobilize supporters, educate voters, and engage citizens in the political process.” said Jared Craig

Stan Fitzgerald , Jared Craig , Mark Finchem , Kelli Ward and Martha Boneta Fain are on the Legacy PAC Team.


In other Legacy PAC News :

Legacy PAC launched an election security seminar with PAC President attorney Jared Craig offering legal strategy and solutions on transitioning to paper ballots and removing Dominion voting machines. The kick off was held at the Paulding County Georgia GOP where county leadership is willing to push for election security and paper ballots. https://legacypac.org/legacy-pac-launches-election-security-seminar-tour/

Legacy PAC to produce a 2024 Border documentary film project by Frank X Panico , along with border tours educating the public and congressional candidates. https://fox2now.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/662639770/legacy-pac-to-produce-a-2024-border-documentary-film-project-and-border-tours-for-candidates-announced-jared-craig/

Legacy PAC has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president.


Legacy PAC is officially partnered with Veterans for Trump

The Veterans group is focusing on America First politics and is considered to have a powerful primary endorsement : https://fox59.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/645012264/the-powerful-primary-endorsement-from-veterans-for-trump-and-veterans-for-america-first/

VFAF Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump was invited as part of the grass roots campaign to Mar-A-Lago in November 2022 for Donald Trump’s announcement of his run for 47th president. The former president shared the endorsement of VFAF for his bid on the Truth Social Platform along with the article stating the organization was part of the grassroots campaign collation


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Jason Fyk Partners with Legacy PAC and Veterans for Trump for Social Media Freedom 11/20/2023

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