The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide
The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide

The book features first hand success stories from Fortune 1000 marketing deparments

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2023 / — This book boasts an assembly of more than 40 marketers from both Fortune 1000 companies and Hyper Growth startups.

Adi Soozin was selected as the main author for this book, after she broke numerous records in the world of rapid growth.

1. Adi Soozin started her career with a guerrilla marketing company in 2009. It was here that she first learned about the fast paced world of marketing when she worked with her boss on projects for Porsche, Whole Foods, Target & Disney.

2. Her success at this guerrilla marketing company lead her to be selected to manage Apple sales on a NATO base in northern Italy. Here Ms. Soozin implemented: a guerrilla marketing strategy, social media strategy and sales force incentive plan that lead sales to double within 12 months. Due to this success, her strategies were replicated across all Apple SIS-locations throughout Western Europe.

3. This success led Ms. Soozin to be accepted into IE Business School’s International MBA program, applying what she learned to her mother’s new business, the pair were able to turn her mother’s dream into a hyper-growth startup. Within five years, her mother’s business idea passed $108,000,000 USD in sales. By it’s 7th year this young, bootstrapped company passed a quarter-billion in sales.

When asked to write this book Adi Soozin recalled the advice provided by mentors who had recounted their depressing experiences of isolation and desolation with the creation of their solo books; for this reason Ms. Soozin proposed an approach that would build camaraderie and shared triumphs akin to team sports.

While Ms. Soozin continues to interview and select brilliant, fun and collaborative marketers to join this book, a few of the contributors are now being announced.

The first contributor to join this collaboration was Adi Soozin’s best friend from business school, Mihir Bhalla. Within the pages of the book, Mr. Bhalla offers readers an exclusive account of his experience raising $130,000,000 for India’s 6th largest impact fund during the pandemic.

Giving a behind the scenes view of how to drive engagement, user growth and revenue we have Anthony Giordano providing his insights which span a career that has crossed five continents. He and Mrs. Soozin became natural connections through the IE community and their shared curiosity for high impact marketing. Mr. Giordano has helped to grow companies that range from inception to industry leaders like Nestlé and Novartis. Mr. Giordano’s work has been recognized by organizations including The Internationalist, Festival of Media, Effie and Forbes.

André L. Magnani, Adi’s fellow NYC-based alum from the IE Business School community, shares his anecdotes from launching new brands in international markets, creating advanced advertising products with rich customer data, and ensuring the effectiveness of ads representing budgets of billions of dollars per year. André’s experience includes 15-years of building and advising advanced tech and media businesses across several companies including HBO, Comcast Universal, Time-Warner, Google, and his current role as Roku’s Head of International Strategy.

In the book, Ryan Monahan shares his experience of creating a brand new revenue stream for a Fortune 500 original equipment manufacturer. Mr. Monahan works with Fortune 100 executives, crafting and overseeing revenue-generating initiatives that drive business expansion across North America, Europe, and LATAM.

Adi Soozin is now extending an open invitation to marketing professionals outside of her personal network, cordially inviting top-tier marketers to join this collaboration.

Those eager to contribute a short 2-5 page story from their own marketing victories, are invited to contact Adi Soozin through LinkedIn.

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