Victory of Suckers Mega Gaming Competition!

Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, Feb. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Gamefi universe in Web3 is on a monumental rise, offering unprecedented potential in the crypto industry. Amidst this digital evolution, JJCVerse emerges as a unique Gamefi platform, presenting gamers with the opportunity to turn their passion into a source of income.|

JJCVerse – Revolutionizing Gaming Earnings with Web3 and NFTs

In a groundbreaking move, JJCVerse pioneers a Gamefi platform that empowers gamers to monetize their skills. The platform is built on Web3 technology and ensures decentralization and freedom from third-party interference. Integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) allows gamers to own, trade, and create a new revenue stream from their in-game assets.

Users of JJCVerse have the chance to earn and profit through game mining and NFT trading. Game mining lets players earn crypto coins while immersed in their favorite games, offering a fresh income source. Liquidity mining, another feature, allows users to earn crypto coins by providing liquidity to the platform.

Gaming Meets Earning – “Victory of Sucker”

Enter the gaming revolution with “Victory of Sucker,” the debut game from JJCVerse. This groundbreaking game propels you into an alternate universe, where even losers and suckers can become champions. The game seamlessly combines a plethora of gaming genres, creating a thrilling multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) fused with real-time Monopoly, room decoration, character dress-ups, and engaging mini-games.

Key Features of “Victory of Sucker”

– Gameplay Over Finance: Unlike other blockchain-based games, “Victory of Sucker” prioritizes gameplay, allowing anyone to play and earn in real-time by showcasing their skills.

– Functional NFT Integration: NFTs in the game serve a practical purpose within the gaming universe, adding a novel and engaging dimension to the gaming experience.

– Accessible to All: Designed for both seasoned gamers and crypto newcomers, “Victory of Sucker” offers a direct entry point into the exciting world of crypto gaming.

– eSports Ambitions: Positioned as the first GameFi capable of organizing competitive events, the game targets the lucrative eSports market.

– Engagement and Longevity: With players dedicating over 100 hours per month to the game, “Victory of Sucker” promises longevity and a captivating gaming experience.

– Safe Gaming Environment: Prioritizing gameplay over investment, “Victory of Sucker” creates a safer and more responsible gaming environment, addressing concerns over speculative gaming models.

VOS Mega Gaming Party: All Gamers are Invited!!!

The excitement in the Gamefi universe reaches new heights as JJCVerse announces the “Victory of Suckers” (VOS) party, set to be one of the most significant gaming events this February. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating gaming spectacle, featuring a jaw-dropping reward!

Key Information:

Reward: A staggering 1,464,323 Vic up for grabs, convertible to $JJC token, awaits the triumphant gamers.

You can get $JJC by swapping through the Solana chain using Radium or Solflare.


Event Details:

Date: 25th February 2024

Venue: The New Maejo University Sports Centre

Note: Training and registration for the event commence on 11th February 2024.

Connect with fellow gamers and stay updated on the latest VOS party news by joining the dedicated Facebook community here:

Basic Tutorial for “Victory of Sucker” Game:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Login to your account or create a new account.
  3. At the “touch me please” screen, tap on the screen.
  4. Read and follow the prompts by the in-game assistance/guide named, Dollar.
  5. Tap the “Go” button and start playing.
  6. For more information, watch the tutorial here –

To play “Victory of Sucker” on PC, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download BlueStacks 5 by clicking here –
  2. Click the download button
  3. Install the BlueStacks 5 app on your PC
  4. After installing, navigate to the Google Play app in BlueStacks (You may have to log in to your Gmail account to access the Play Store)
  5. Enter “Victory of Sucker” in the search bar
  6. Click on the game and install it
  7. Login to your account or create a new account
  8. Start playing the game
  9. For more information, watch the tutorial here – 

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