AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 14th, Austin singer-songwriter Rick Furst’s “Texas Tuba Rock Band,” drops, and it’s sure to become a fan favorite at many a Texas sports team’s events.

“My gifted producer, Gabriel Rhodes – who’s worked with Willie Nelson, Richard Thompson and others – called it ‘A wall of sound!’,” says Furst.

Rhodes’ “fleet-fingered accompaniment” (as previously described by the Dallas Observer) combine with Rick’s impressive multi-instrumental talents to create a uniquely pleasurable musical chemistry on Rick’s upcoming These Strange Times album, which the fanciful tuba rock band song’s on.

About the album, Rhodes thrilled:

“It sounds like a classic!”

In a prior life a TV and radio icon and rock band staple, Rick’s creative new recordings under a new stage name have been hailed as groundbreaking sonic gems.

“They’re certainly not three-chord songs,” Rick says, laughing. “I come from a diverse musical background, and everyone says my style is uniquely pleasurable.”

Grandson of a hit songwriting jazz band leader, son of classical musicians, Rick was a child prodigy, performing a Mozart horn concerto with a professional orchestra when just 12, while playing jazz gigs with a renowned keyboardist, and while playing rock gigs with his own band, Portrait. He then made his mark playing thousands of gigs in Boston, New York, Chicago and elsewhere. But he now calls Austin home.

Furst’s written over 1,000 songs since he was 9 – nearly 600 alone since losing his wife and musical duo partner not long ago.

But he’s cloaked in mystery because – just as David Bowie wouldn’t talk about his pre-Bowie days as “Davy Jones” – Rick doesn’t want to discuss past efforts.

“All I’ll say is literally millions remember me from my days on NBC, CBS, PBS and in many rock bands. Robert Redford, for example, might – he was one of my fans and so I got to meet him on a movie set!”

Now a fixture on Texas’ music scene, Rick’s “Texas Tuba Rock Band” song’s a fun departure:

“I envisioned it for Texas sports bands. And I’d be tickled to death if any of Texas’ professional, college or public or private school team bands played it at their games. It’s a Texas-proud sports-rally rocker!”

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