Lil Jon Teams Up with Natural Vitality For Mental Health Awareness Month
Lil Jon Teams Up with Natural Vitality For Mental Health Awareness Month

Ahead of the music icon’s second meditation album release – Manifest Abundance – he is partnering with the mental wellness supplement brand to champion mindfulness, meditation, and mental health resources

LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In support of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Jon is teaming up with wellness supplement brand, Natural Vitality, a leader in science-backed magnesium-based products. The unexpected partnership aims to ignite conversations around mental health awareness and remove its negative stigma and perceptions in mainstream and niche cultures.

Together Lil Jon and the leading magnesium supplement brand have come to jointly foster accessibility to mental wellbeing resources and galvanize dialogue between the community, mental health practitioners, and mental health organizations. 

“Mental health, physical health, and wellness is a priority to me and somethin’ I’ve become very passionate about… spreading the knowledge I have gained to others that may not have normally been exposed to the information makes me feel good inside. Lowering stress and detaching from the matrix should be paramount for everyone around the world. I encourage everyone to take a pause, have some deep breaths, smile – and if you need it – seek mental health and wellness resources,” says Lil Jon. “I wanna be someone to advocate for the importance of prioritizing mental wellbeing – for all – so they know there are ways you can take care of your mind, and using Natural Vitality has been an amazing part of that mental health journey for me!”

Aligning with the release of the multi-platinum producer’s second meditation album slated to drop Friday, May 10, “Manifest Abundance,” continues to expand Lil Jon’s passion for mental health awareness. The album— featuring 11 tracks centered around manifestation and affirmations—is a testament to how vital the topic is to the musician.

“We’re inspired by Lil Jon’s mental health journey and his desire to share his mindfulness practices with the world, which includes Natural Vitality CALM and meditation,” says Nicole Ng, Marketing Lead at Natural Vitality. “More than ever people are struggling through daily stressors, and are more open to sharing their mental health journeys. We want to champion this dialogue and provide support and resources—this partnership with Lil Jon celebrating the release of his album felt like the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

In the lead-up to the album launch on May 10, the partnership kicks off with Lil Jon’s Manifest Abundance Album Retreat presented by Natural Vitality at the tranquil Hotel Bel-Air. Guests will experience mindfulness-centered programming—such as a guided meditation led by Lil Jon, album showcase, and a fireside discussion between Lil Jon and mental health expert, Chicago School of Professional Psychology Adjunct Professor, Dr. Patrice Le Goy, LMFT.

“It’s incredibly encouraging to work with artists like Lil Jon who are advocating strongly for mental health awareness, sharing how wellness is something that can and should be accessible to everyone. Our hope is that we can create authentic conversations around mental health – throughout Mental Health Awareness month and beyond,” says Dr. Le Goy.

The content gathered during the event will be shared via Lil Jon and Natural Vitality’s social channels where people worldwide will be able to view the conversations and even experience a guided meditation by Lil Jon himself. Additionally, people will find Lil Jon’s favorite relaxing Natural Vitality products at

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