A Heartwarming Tale about family, friendships and holiday traditions
A Heartwarming Tale about family, friendships and holiday traditions

A Christmas Tree Reunion’ book cover by Susan Nilsen, inviting readers to a unique holiday adventure.

Discover the magic of the holidays in Susan Nilsen’s charming tale from a Christmas tree’s view

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Susan Nilsen and her husband moved to Brick in 1988, where they raised three sons. She is dedicated to her family and friends. Her endearing qualities of warmth, kindness, and boundless love make her a cherished wife, mother, and grandmother. Her character shines through as a caring, nurturing, and hard-working person who always places the needs of others above her own.

Her delightful sense of humor and willingness to share a good laugh, even at her own expense, endears her to everyone she meets. Her uplifting words and willingness to lend a helping hand have touched the lives of many, as she goes to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around her.

Susan Nilsen’s commitment to making the world a better place extends to her active support of charitable organizations that benefit children and animals. Her selflessness and benevolence reflect her compassionate nature.

Colleagues and grandchildren affectionately refer to her as “SueSue,” a testament to her charming and delightful personality, which brings joy and fun to all in her company.

For more than four decades, Susan Nilsen has been a dedicated fan of actress Lindsay Wagner. In 2014, Susan created a fan-based Facebook group dedicated to the actress, providing a platform for fellow fans to indulge in their shared passion. She is the driving force behind the thriving Facebook fan group, “Lindsay Wagner: Photos, Trivia, and More.”

Additionally, Susan has channeled her creativity into crafting simple yet enjoyable YouTube videos, further enhancing the experience for group members. Over the years, Susan has also cultivated deep and meaningful friendships within her fan community. These friends have been a source of encouragement and support, not only for her Facebook group but also as she embarked on her latest endeavor-writing children’s books.

With an impressive 18-year career in pediatrics as a medical assistant and medical biller, Susan’s journey took an unexpected turn when she faced job loss due to financial hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This setback became the catalyst for a new chapter in her life.

Susan Nilsen describes her journey as an opportunity to tap into her creative side, a gift she attributes to her father. Her creative expression has taken the form of her debut children’s book, “A Christmas Tree Reunion.”

Long walks with her husband have been a source of gratification and revitalization for Susan. It was during one of these leisurely strolls that she discovered a heartwarming story, shared by her husband, that would inspire her to begin writing.

The story, set during the holiday season, revolves around a Christmas tree and its adventures. It’s a tale of celebration and togetherness, as Christmas trees cast aside on the curb find themselves in an enchanting gathering, sharing their stories from past Christmas seasons. Susan was captivated by this narrative, and she felt compelled to share it with both children and adults, offering a unique perspective on the holiday season.

Her debut children’s book, titled “A Christmas Tree Reunion,” is a touching tribute to her mother-in-law “Mor-Mor.” This charming story introduces readers to the joy of experiencing a Norwegian family tradition and the unforgettable moments it brings during the Christmas season, from dancing around the Christmas tree to singing carols.

“A Christmas Tree Reunion” offers readers a refreshing perspective, as it tells a Christmas story from a Christmas tree’s point of view. This story is a gift of love and warmth that Susan Nilsen extends to the world.

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About Susan Nilsen

Susan Nilsen, a resident of Brick, NJ, is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Her dedication to spreading love, kindness, and cheer is truly inspirational. In her debut children’s book, “A Christmas Tree Reunion,” Susan shares a heartwarming holiday tale from a unique perspective, instilling the joy of a Norwegian family tradition in readers of all ages.

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