Air Force Colonel-turned-author Chronicles the Epic Saga of “Becoming an American Family”
Air Force Colonel-turned-author Chronicles the Epic Saga of “Becoming an American Family”

Becoming an American Family

Ned M. Cole Jr. unveils the rich tapestry of American history through the lens of the Cole family

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2023 / — Independent author Ned M. Cole Jr.’s latest literary masterpiece, “Becoming an American Family“, is a gripping exploration of the Cole family’s extraordinary journey and their profound impact on the making of the United States. From their roots in the British Isles to their migration and settlement in New England in the 1600s, the Coles played diverse roles in shaping the nation’s destiny.

The narrative unfolds across generations, detailing the family’s participation in pivotal moments like the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Ned M. Cole Jr.’s military service in the United States Air Force, his son’s commission in the Illinois Army National Guard, and his grandson’s courageous deployment with the United States Marine Corps reflect the family’s unwavering commitment to the nation’s defense.

Beyond their military contributions, the book delves into the Cole family’s resilience during challenging times, including the economic setback in 1918 due to government intervention. Ned M. Cole Jr.’s own journey, from military service to a successful business career with ABC Rail Corporation, showcases the enduring spirit of American families.

Ned M. Cole Jr., a retired Air Force colonel and accomplished businessman, masterfully weaves a narrative that captivates history enthusiasts and patriots alike. The book not only commemorates the Cole family’s remarkable story but also provides a nuanced understanding of the broader historical context that shaped America. Ned and his wife, Carol, share a life together for almost fifty-eight years, making their home in the picturesque city of Melbourne, Florida.

“Becoming an American Family” is a testament to the profound significance of familial ties within the American narrative. Ned M. Cole Jr.’s poignant storytelling invites readers to reflect on the enduring resilience of American families and their indispensable contributions to the nation’s development.

The book is now available on Amazon and other leading book retailers, where readers can embark on this captivating journey through American history.

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