Author Barry I. Gold to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Author Barry I. Gold to be Featured on Close Up Radio

OAKLAND, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 / — “111,000 Americans died last year from opiate overdose,” concerns our guest. “Seventy percent of them had fentanyl in their system.” One individual seeks to educate others regarding the modern-day crisis of opiate addiction. He adds that “opiates are drugs with baited hooks – don’t get caught!” This is the story of Barry I. Gold.

Barry I. Gold is a retired scientist who studied pharmacology and is especially knowledgeable regarding the opiate addiction crisis. “This is something that I am passionate about,” he emphasizes. He is also the author of two books, We’re Overdosed and the upcoming book Boomer Dad: A Lifetime of Endurance, Resilience, and Disconnection.

Most unique is how Barry took an interest in the opiate crisis. “I had a first cousin who was killed in a drug raid,” recalls Barry. “We were not close, but it left a lasting impression on our family. I was never an addict. I also recall a story where I was teaching a course to recovering addicts. They were studying to become certified drug counselors. They asked me very seriously ‘Why do you teach us? Are you an addict too?’ I said ‘no’ and asked ‘why’. They said that addicts only teach us. At that point, I began to think about the addicted population as a public health issue.”

“The problem is that we never hear about drug addiction on the news unless it’s a large shipment coming from Latin America,” concerns Barry. He has written a book titled We’re Overdosed, which explains the issues and research surrounding opiates.

“I start the book We’re Overdosed, by discussing the history of opium and where it came from,” explains Barry. “This includes how heroin was invented. I was in Dresden, Germany visiting a pharmaceutical company. In the lobby, I saw a brass plaque on the wall which read, translating from German into English, ‘aspirin was invented here’. I found that fascinating. When I later became interested in opiates, and started learning about heroin, I learned that the person who invented aspirin, also invented heroin – Dr. Felix Hoffmann. The name heroin comes from the German word heroisch – heroic, because when he tasted his own concoction, he felt heroic.”

“I am trying to advance opiate education,” adds Barry. “I don’t give an anti-opiate message, as much as I encourage others to learn about this, so they can know the next time they come in contact with it.”

While Barry has made the painstaking effort to educate others about opiates, he also embraces the challenges of fatherhood at an advanced age, as he is a baby boomer.

“I am the single parent of a fourteen-year-old in addition to two older children, 49 and 47, from a previous marriage,” explains Barry. “I am in the process of writing a book titled Boomer Dad: A Lifetime of Endurance, Resilience, and Disconnection. Targeted to men and women who are baby boomers, it’s a memoir which highlights Barry’s life, past and present, including his two divorces, his children, and his global career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Barry offers the following central message regarding his upcoming book. “To men and women over sixty facing retirement, please don’t be afraid of retirement,” encourages Barry. “Try and make it constructive. Don’t spend your retirement in front of the television watching Days of Our Lives.”

“Opiate addiction is a public health problem, and not a legal problem,” concludes Barry. “They are not criminals. They are sick people who need help.”

Close Up Radio will feature Barry I. Gold in a three-part interview with Jim Masters on Thursday February 15th at 9am Eastern, with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday February 22nd at 9am Eastern, and with Jim Masters on Thursday February 29th at 9am Eastern

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