Author Duo Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Dark Fantasy Series

The Chimera Snare: Fragments

Shannon Vierra

Edward Ayllon


Great pace with the right amount of action and suspense to hook me in and make me want to read more.”

— Suzy B., beta reader

UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 / — Husband and wife duo Shannon Vierra & Edward Ayllon, under the pen name S. & E. Black, have launched a Kickstarter campaign in preparation for the release of their new transformative dark fantasy series, THE CHIMERA SNARE.

A decade-long creative endeavor, THE CHIMERA SNARE: FRAGMENTS promises to transport readers into a realm of compelling magic and emotional impact as two earthbound teenagers work together to thwart a reality-bending menace.

The Kickstarter campaign, which extends to the morning of April 3, will grant backers the opportunity to swipe up limited edition bundles before they become available to the public on the official release date in mid-August. All named backers will also receive a mention in the book’s credits when the campaign is funded.

The campaign features specially curated goods created by a selection of independent artisans, supporting independent businesses and adding an extra layer of exclusivity and charm to the backers’ experience.

“There is an underlying theme of ‘memory’ that we have woven into FRAGMENTS. Particularly how powerful, precious, and fragile one’s memories can be,” the authors said. “We hope that by inviting these items into your home and life, they transport you to the far reaches of the stars and create fond memories of reading THE CHIMERA SNARE.”

Learn more at their Kickstarter campaign:

THE CHIMERA SNARE: FRAGMENTS follows Rayshell and Trish, your average high schoolers just trying to make it through senior year — until they find out they’re the living vessels of two banished Celestine guardians. With the feud between Celestine and Daeva bleeding out into their world, the two friends are thrust into a realm of profound, otherworldly secrets.

Amidst mystical recollections and a wondrous magic system that shatters the veneer of their everyday lives, Rayshell and Trish embark on a journey to connect with the Celestine guardians’ allies in hopes of freeing them from their imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the shadows cast by Daeva darken. A notorious outlaw, Merisek, has positioned himself to claim dominion over the Order of Existence — a trio of powerful artifacts capable of reshaping reality. Armed with two of these relics, Merisek races against the emergence of the Celestine guardians to claim the third, setting the stage for a showdown that will determine the fate of existence itself.

Rayshell and Trish are all that stand between Merisek and his unhinged desire to twist the fabric of reality into his making. As the threads of destiny unravel, the question looms: who will be the author of existence, and what profound truths will be unveiled in the final, decisive act?

Praise for THE CHIMERA SNARE: FRAGMENTS is already pouring in!

“Great pace with the right amount of action and suspense to hook me in and make me want to read more.” — Suzy B., beta reader

“Unexpected twist ending that sets the mood for the next book. I need to find out what happens next!” — Green Neen, beta reader

“The magic system is amazing—I was hooked the whole time. It had the perfect ending because it leaves me definitely wanting the next book!” — Lady Alchemy, beta reviewer

THE CHIMERA SNARE: FRAGMENTS will be available August 17 on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.


Shannon Vierra was born and raised in California and currently lives in Illinois with her husband, Edward, and their cat rescues. She is an urban gardener and avid seed collector. In the makeup community, Shannon goes by zoomzoommacaron where she collaborates with fellow MUAS across the world. She hosts a monthly zombie-themed makeup group called the #zombabescollab and adores SFX and other creative makeup. Shannon is also the owner of ShopCorpsicle which specializes in handmade props, fake food, miniatures, prosthetics and other accessories. She uses the alias Silence In Shadows for her traditional art. She also enjoys anime, cult-classic horror movies, cooking (and eating), sunbathing, photography, craft beer, and singing badly.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Edward Ayllon first discovered the joys of creative writing through his early high school studies, and has spent many years exploring and developing a deep appreciation for the arts. Since first collaborating with his wife, Shannon, he has sprouted a passion and true affinity for storytelling and crafting literature. In addition to refining his skill in creating written works, his other interests include playing bass guitar, listening to music, and dabbling in photography. To learn more, visit their website:

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