Charting New Horizons in Art and Culture
Charting New Horizons in Art and Culture

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 4, 2024 / — In a significant acknowledgment of its contribution to the arts and culture sector, .ART, the premier global registry and domain for the creative community, is thrilled to announce that several of its publications have been accepted into the esteemed collections of the Library of Congress. This milestone not only underscores .ART’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within the art world but also highlights the lasting impact of its publications on the global artistic and cultural discourse.

Among the honored publications is “.ART ODYSSEY – NAVIGATING THE FUTURE OF ART,” exploring the intersections of art, technology, and society. “The New Flood” has also been recognized, each contributing unique perspectives on contemporary art and its evolving landscape. These works, together with “Memories of Baku,” a poignant exploration of cultural heritage and memory, have been generously donated by .ART founder and author, Mr. Ulvi Kasimov, marking a significant contribution to the Library’s collections.

Representatives of the Library of Congress expressed gratitude for the donation, highlighting how these titles enable the Library to acquire items that significantly enrich its collections in areas that might not be accessible through other means.

Building on this success and the validation of the .ART ODYSSEY publication series, .ART is excited to announce the forthcoming edition, “.ART ODYSSEY – SUCCESS.” This new edition will continue the series’ tradition of exploring the cultural impact as well as the business of art, delving into stories of triumph, resilience, and innovation in the art world. Through this publication, .ART aims to inspire artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, encouraging a deeper engagement with the creative process and the myriad ways in which art intersects with our daily lives and shapes our future.

Mr. Kasimov stated, “We are honored by the Library of Congress’s recognition, which underscores our mission to innovate at the intersection of art and technology. This accolade celebrates not only .ART’s vision but the entire creative community we support. As we prepare the new edition, ‘.ART ODYSSEY – SUCCESS,’ we remain dedicated to empowering artists and elevating the dialogue around art’s transformative role in society.”

The inclusion of .ART’s publications in the Library of Congress is a testament to the .ART Registry’s role as a thought leader in the art community. It reflects a shared vision of preserving cultural heritage and fostering a global conversation on the significance of art in society. .ART extends its heartfelt thanks to the Library of Congress for this honor and to its readers and contributors who continue to push the boundaries of what art can achieve.

About .ART Registry

Launched in 2016 through an exclusive agreement with UK Creative Ideas Ltd and ICANN, .ART began as a pioneering domain registry and is actively evolving its mission to become the definitive digital archive for all art and cultural objects. With over 411,330 domains registered in 170+ countries, .ART serves a diverse community of creatives, artists, museums, businesses, and brands passionate about the arts.

Setting the standard for digital identity in the art world, .ART offers cutting-edge registry infrastructure built on the reliability and stability of current internet technologies while also leveraging Web3 and Blockchain innovations.

Utilizing its patented “Digital Twin” process, the new platform offers credentialing and a suite of services that empower creatives to digitize, promote, and monetize any object—be it physical or digital.

Operating from international offices in London, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., and supported by a robust network of global Ambassadors, .ART is steadfast in its commitment to merge technology and art on a global scale. A portion of .ART’s revenue actively supports philanthropic initiatives, including the Art Therapy Initiative to promote the healing powers of art. Learn more at Register .ART domains at or any domain name registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap and others.

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