Christiana Cioffi’s Book on Modern Dating
Christiana Cioffi’s Book on Modern Dating

Christiana Cioffi, Author of “An Unapologetic Spinster”

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Christiana Cioffi’s Book

Just in time for Valentine’s Day

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 / — Valentine’s Day is approaching and too many will be at home without a date. Christiana Cioffi, author of “An Unapologetic Spinster: True Modern Dating Stories,” has some comforting advice for those alone on February 14. Whether contemplating for days before the dateless night or sitting at home alone on the Hallmark holiday, Cioffi suggests both women and men:

A Flip In Perspective: Alone but NOT Lonely

-Questions the common notion that being alone equates to loneliness.

-Encourages the redirection of energy inward, fostering self-love.

-Emphasizes that happiness is not guaranteed in a relationship.

Self-Love As The Greatest Love Of All:

-Supports the idea of self-celebration and treating oneself to something special.

-Emphasizes the importance of appreciating and embracing personal qualities.

-Explores how gratitude can have a transformative effect in attracting positivity.

Consider “An Unapologetic Spinster” as a Date

-Explores an affordable and entertaining alternative to a traditional Valentine’s dinner.

-Infuses humor that promises to bring laughter.

-Unlike some dates, Christiana’s book won’t ghost.

Cioffi’s “An Unapologetic Spinster: True Modern Dating Stories” provides a unique perspective on self-love, embracing solitude, and navigating the modern dating scene. Whether single, attached, or somewhere in between, An Unapologetic Spinster reminds us all that the love we so desperately seek is already within us. The book’s engaging and humorous writing style will captivate your audience. It reminds you of having a couple of spicy margaritas and your single friend turns to you and says, “Oh my God. You won’t believe what happened on my date last night. I can’t make these stories up. I should write a book!” Well, your friend never wrote that book . . . but Christiana Cioffi did! Sparked from a journey to find love before turning forty, An Unapologetic Spinster was born. These stories are approximately 96 percent truth, but 100 percent engaging and, dare we say, unapologetic. Woven between the good, the bad, and the bizarre of dating is a personal story of digging deep to find love.

For those alone during Valentine’s Day, the book will illuminate what the series “The Unicorn” teaches people about dating; why having a soulmate in your life doesn’t auto-translate into a viable, meaningful, and loving relationship; what some of her dealbreakers are in dating; Cioffi’s dating rules for the single and fabulous; putting potential dates into categories; what the various stories from this hilarious and sometimes hilariously awkward book teach us and much more!

Readers have gushed over “ An Unapologetic Spinster: True Modern Dating Stories”. “Secretly, or not-so-secretly now, I wish my dating story with Christiana had made the pages of this excellent read,” wrote Mike F., A friend-zoned date. “She weaves together the subtle details of modern dating to take us on a journey that is relatable, humorous, and even sometimes cringeworthy. In the absence of a New York Times book review for An Unapologetic Spinster, please accept my rating—An Unapologetic Two Thumbs Up!”

“Let’s be clear: this is not a dating advice book,” asserts Marnie V., A Fellow Dating Confidante. “After all, Christiana has gone on a few hundred first dates over the past five years and she’s still a spinster! Whether you’re single or attached, we are reminded that we all share similar doubts about our place in society. We are also reminded that we can find love in the most unexpected ways. A brilliant and bold read!”

“I may be a happily married woman, but I am not exempt from wondering what is behind the mysterious curtain of today’s dating world,” exclaims Allie C., A happily married woman. “This book started as a semi-secret blog of which I was an honored reader. With every new post, I demanded Christiana write more! ‘Gimme more,’ I said! I like to think I am the reason the blog became this book. So, you’re welcome to all the satisfied readers out there! With an exceptional characterization of her nuanced experiences, we go behind that curtain in a way that makes us feel as though we are right there with her, experiencing it ourselves. The balance of humor and seriousness is perfect. Well done, my fabulous spinster friend!”

Christiana Cioffi, MBA, is a seasoned leader with a rich background in the United States Army and biotech industry. She has recently embarked on a transformative career journey as an Empowerment Ambassador and Speaker. Under this banner, she passionately shares insights and inspiration, empowering women to unlock their authentic selves in business and in life. Christiana’s dynamic journey started at the United States Military Academy at West Point, followed by five years serving as an officer in the US Army with two years deployed in Iraq. As a decorated combat veteran, she has been awarded the Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, Army Commendation Medal, and Parachutist Badge. A breast cancer survivor, she embodies resilience, a trait evident in both her personal and professional pursuits. Christiana’s love for challenges extends beyond the boardroom, manifesting in her pursuits as an avid runner of distances up to 50 miles and scuba diving enthusiast. Connect with Christiana on LinkedIn and visit her website at

“An Unapologetic Spinster: True Modern Dating Stories” is available in print and digital format on Amazon.

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