Explore Authors Magazine lists the hottest new fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books to read this month
Explore Authors Magazine lists the hottest new fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books to read this month

The Secret World of Stamps by Terry McCaffrey

False Impressions authored by Ace Bryann

False Impressions authored by Ace Bryann

My Friend Adam by Tuba Khan

My Friend Adam by Tuba Khan

Grab a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates and curl up with a book from Explore Author’s Magazine’s list of hottest new books to read this February.

February is the perfect time to add a book from Explore Author’s Magazine list of hottest new books to read this month to your personal collection or library.”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thomas Breen’s compelling and tense courtroom drama, Brian Bradford faces a vengeful managed health care company in The Complaint, will keep readers on the edge of their seats in this enthralling legal thriller. BBRADFORD BOOKS, 979-8-9865185-3-4, 979-8-9865185-4-1

Terry McCaffrey explores the history of the postage stamp in The Secret World of Stamps: An Insider’s behind-the-scenes look at creating our nation’s “calling cards”. An excellent historical journey. Small Art Press, 979-8218333560

Reputation by Barton Jones is a humorous and smart social satire when two brothers must protect not only their reputations but their virtue from scheming badly coiffed social justice warriors in this hilarious book. Beet Press, 979-8989234103

In Psi (Book One): Manifest by Ric Bruce, a professor must track people with amazing psychic abilities before they are exploited by a hidden enemy in this mind-bending thriller. Talent Forge Publishing, 979-8-9898203-0-6

In The Custodian by Miras Beale, a young accountant finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy where he must not only help unify opposing sides, but also survive in this edge of your seat, pulsating thriller. Provalis Publishing, 979-8989756407

Kitty and Elliot: When You Were Born by Sergio Wilinski chronicles the first year of life in this adorable delightfully illustrated children’s tale. My Four Busy Kids Publishing, 979-8-9897595-0-7, 979-8-9897595-1-4

In Thank You for Firing Me and Letting Me G(reatest) O(pportunity), D. Wilson Sr. shares wisdom about opportunity in job loss in this insightful self-help memoir. Through it All Publishing, 979-8218353513

A vengeful murderess, who was forsaken by her vile mother becomes a deadly threat to anyone who invades her territory by needle-crafting buttons into her victims in this intense horror suspense by Gwyneth by Angela Sanner EerieLit House of Publishing, 979-8218337056

JT is the sole survivor of a devastating battle and mankind’s only hope to defeat a race of alien aggressors in the epic space saga and science-fiction novel, The Last Flight Home by Ricky Hausler. Federal Service Books, 979-8-9896126-1-1, 979-8-9896126-0-4

A game of hide and seek turns into an outright adventure in the charming and heartwarming, Where is Grandma? by Shari Farris. Ferris Wheel Books, 979-8989686209

In the charming Lady Charlotte Wuthers by M.D. Hickman, will the spoiled daughter of the richest man in the world win over the boy she likes with her sharp wit and insults? M.D. Hickman Books, 979-8868993626

A young woman contemplates whether coming back to the family home is a death wish as she struggles to unravel the decades old disappearance of her family in the gripping suspense thriller, This is not a House by Brandon Kitchen. 979-8-218-33617-2

One Potato Chip at a Time: The Fat Guy’s Honest Diet Guide by Charles Pluckhahn details how to lose weight and keep it off the right way. A resource for middle-aged men, women, older folks and even youth hoping to lose weight. Snowden Road Books, 979-8-218-33551-9

In Mountain Wave by Joe Albea and Nathan Summers, seasoned outdoor producers / nature cinematographer and their hunting party become stranded after their boat capsizes in frigid Alaskan waters in this riveting true-life account of the fight to survive. Mountain Wave Productions: 979-8-9892725-0-1, 979-8-9892725-2-5

In the charming and beautifully illustrated children’s book, My Friend Adam by Tuba Khan, children learn how to be friends with each other as well as friends with a child who has autism. Empathy Inclusion Books: 979-8-9894798-0-1

Humanity-At-Its-Best: A Truth Seeker’s Guide to Living a Principled Life by Glenn Hoffarth offers an insightful and enlightening look at how to follow a moral code and lead a virtuous and harmonious life. Ice Age Trail Publishing House, 979-8218329129

In Nightwalker, a New York detective forms a police task force to track down a prolific serial killer who leaves no trace in this chilling and gripping, atmospheric thriller suspense by Louis Bruno. 979-8989672820.

In False Impressions by Ace Bryann, the handsome monarch of a small island and love of his life face intrigue and danger when his disreputable brother, the prince, returns from NY to wreak havoc. Dare To Dream Books, 979-8-218-34329-3

In Children of the Watchers by Michael Joseph, a group of friends attending university learn they are ethereally connected by the Universe, in this enthralling suspense. Whenceforth Publishing, 979-821827920-2

Disparate cultures collide and a grieving doctor relives a personal tragedy when he is unable to save a woman from a fire in the beautifully written must-read, A Million Miles from Yesterday by Maureen Connolly (coming soon).

In Mariana Travels to the Amazon: Adventures of a Suitcase by Ester Pereira, young readers will discover how travel connects us in this delightful adventure book. 979-8-9894100-1-9, 979-8-9894100-0-2

In Mark Humphrey’s imaginative children’s book, Behind the Pantry Door, a child discovers a secret about his stuffed animal friends in this charming and heartwarming story. Old Goat Books, 979-8218314484

In the upbeat children’s book, Super Samuel by Naomi Sawatzky, a happy-go-lucky boy with his own sense of style faces teasing from bullies at school and handles it with courage in this adorable children’s book. Hide & Seek Publishing, 979-8989633302

Comic book artist James R. Bowers shares his life stories for family and friends in his heartfelt autobiography, My Life Memories. Average Dog Publishing, 978-1733759083.

In the true life story, Without Justice for All by Michele Sobczak Obetts, a mother fights for justice after her son is tragically killed by a drunk driver in this heartbreaking but brave retelling of events. JJSO Publishing: 979-898945662

Martin Sacchetti’s, The Last Single Couple in America, a young man and his straight best-friend (a woman), unknowingly sleep with the same man, causing a breach in their relationship and their close-knit friendship. 979-8218341213

Imperfectly Perfect by KG Miles, coming soon. A 45 year-old divorced mother of three reboots her life at an oceanfront cottage on Cape Cod, facing a number of unexpected events, passion, flirtations, and challenges and in beautifully written this slice-of-life.

Vaxxed by T.C. Grantham, in a dystopian society amid a worldwide pandemic, a pair of teens grow closer while resisting a vaccine with troubling consequences in this intriguing and exciting YA novel.

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