Katie Schuelke Hit Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Empathy and Understanding In Business,” Co-Authored with Chris Voss
Katie Schuelke Hit Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Empathy and Understanding In Business,” Co-Authored with Chris Voss

Best Selling Author – Katie Schuelke

BOISE, ID, USA, January 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Katie Schuelke, Project Management Professional, has co-authored the highly anticipated book, Empathy and Understanding In Business, in collaboration with renowned author Chris Voss and accomplished professionals worldwide. Published by SuccessBooks®, this literary gem made its debut on January 4th, 2024.

Following its release, Empathy and Understanding In Business swiftly climbed the ranks on Amazon’s best-sellers charts, achieving best-seller status in direct marketing, sales, and selling, as well as the Entrepreneur category. Not only did it achieve these remarkable milestones, but it also proudly secured the coveted #1 New Release spot in four distinct categories. This extraordinary success underscores the widespread recognition and enthusiastic reception this groundbreaking book has garnered within the business and entrepreneurial community, solidifying its position as a must-read for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Katie’s chapter, titled “Becoming A Liberated Leader,” played a pivotal role in the book’s success.

Meet Katie Schuelke:

Katie Schuelke is a Project Management Professional with 25 years of successful project management experience and is considered the Power Skills Expert. Her unique signature program and coaching specializes in helping project managers and team leaders build aligned and engaged teams, hit project
objectives, and enjoy a life outside of work.

As an Economics graduate from Boise State University, Katie began a successful career in corporate America. Within a few years, her talents recognized, she began receiving promotions, skill development, and earned her Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Wanting to marry up her project management with additional technical skills, Katie immersed in the world of IT application integration engineering. She wrote and implemented a Service Management Framework and constructed IT Project, Program, and Portfolio management, managing an average inventory of seventy-five pipelined projects, ranging in the millions of dollars, with sixty applications and

Katie has a unique combination of skills and energy and possesses an innate ability to inspire and motivate teams. Often described as intuitive, insightful, tenacious, and trustworthy, she’s a rebel at heart and has a great sense of humor. During these decades of managing complex, multi business initiatives, supporting all aspects of the organization, Katie also excelled as a mother, raising her daughter, Kennedy – a world champion jump rope athlete (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN3r3PAi05o), honor student, and all-around delightful person.

Katie is a passionate believer in the concept of reciprocity and stands by the idea of giving back and creating positive change. Her passion, enthusiasm, and innovative work have helped her become an example of what it means to be a Liberated Leader and make a difference wherever you are.

Katie is the Founder and CEO of BANS Consulting (BadAss Ninja Services) and a member of the Project Management Institute. She’s dedicated to overall health, enjoys reading in the sun, and believes in making adventure as you go. A couple of fun facts: she loves mid- to late-60’s muscle cars, owning a ’65 Fastback Mustang, and is very curious by nature, often sharing seemingly random but wildly interesting tidbits of information.

Feedback from a few people Katie has worked with:

“Thank you… for being a sounding board and for helping me out of the chaos and into a place where I can see the big picture. Katie has a talent for asking just the right questions! She helped to steer me toward solutions and helps spark my enthusiasm when the project begins to feel stagnant.”

“Her ability to listen actively, empathize with others, and provide constructive feedback has consistently impressed me, and has contributed to a positive and productive work environment.”

“No one has inspired me more to fully embrace a new career path and learn to navigate a variety of challenges projects can assemble.”

If you’re an action taker and someone who is serious about building a high performing team so you can LEAD successful projects and have time and energy outside of work, and to discover for yourself how you too can become a Liberated Leader – go to:


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