New York Book Publishers Review: An Exclusive Self-Book Publisher
New York Book Publishers Review: An Exclusive Self-Book Publisher

NY Book Publishers is a reputable self-publishing platform with a one-stop solution for authors. NYBP aims to offer the best-selling platform for the author.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — New York Book Publishers, or NYBP, is the finest, safest, and fastest self-publishing company that caters to authors’ unique needs globally by connecting them with readers. The company has garnered the trust of independent authors through its reputable and reliable array of writing and illustration, among many, services in all existing literary genres.

Key Takeaways on New York Book Publishers:

• Reputable Self-Publisher: New York Book Publisher (NYBP) is a self-publishing book platform in the USA that facilitates authors from a variety of services to ensure a seamless publishing and marketing experience.

• Exquisite Service: NYBP comprises a professionally qualified team of service providers with quality and attention to detail services that elevate the author’s book’s integrity.

• Best Selling Platform: New York Publishers have more than a decade of experience in providing authors with established publishing platforms that ensure the accessibility of authors’ books to global audiences.

• Strategic Media Exposure: NYBP, with its quality services, allows authors marketable media placements for their books through their strategic Ad campaigns and advanced book publicity strategies.

• High Ratings and Positive Reviews: NYPB has a 4.8-star rating on TrustPilot ( and has been highly reviewed by reputable and successful authors.

The Self-Publishing Model

Self-publishing offers authors a trustworthy and independent publishing experience. It gives authors a platform without the complicated, back-and-forth negotiations where they, from around the world, can reach the world without losing the right to their books and quality. To work with NYBP, authors, unlike any traditional publishing houses, authors can have 100% ownership of their manuscripts and get themselves published at much cheaper rates and, rather than years, get their manuscripts published within a few hours.

NYBP guarantees to be a one-stop solution where authors will fulfill all their requirements in a fast and reliable service-providing environment through a team of esteemed professionals. The self-publishing company ensures the book remains apparent and reaches the right audience through the book content and after-publishing stage.

Publishing And Marketing Services

New York Book Publisher’s printed books are available to 25,000 wholesalers, booksellers, and retailers in over 100 countries, which comes with the addition of notable publishing platforms such as Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and Kobo, to name a few.

NYBP has shaken hands with and helped hundreds of authors worldwide by facilitating their unique needs through various services, exceeding in every genre of literature. NYBP offers unique author programs to market books through podcasts and SEOs to reach a wider audience.

New York Book Publishers Reviews

NYBP is a highly reputed and rated self-publishing company that has gained its trust through top-notch and smart services in its years of existence. With an outstanding rating of 4.8, the company has helped authors achieve their dreams.


Each author is unique, with specific and distinctive requirements deemed necessary to make a mark in the sea of readers. New York Book Publisher has all the extensive and critical tools to make authors’ dreams turn into reality with a proven record of success, strategically analyzed marketing strategies and a fast-paced approach to self-publishing. NYBP is an exceptional choice for independent authors seeking an affordable and time-saving self-publishing experience that provides the best self-publishing experience.

NYBP comprises a committed team of individuals who vow to achieve authors’ satisfaction and have earned them a stellar reputation in the industry, making NYBP a top choice for authors looking to publish their works.

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