***Press Release*** Turkish Advocate Nominated for Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity
***Press Release*** Turkish Advocate Nominated for Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

Isik Abla Ministries

Işık Abla Ministries (IAM) Ignites Hope, Empowerment

Isik Abla Ministries Awakening Humanity

Işık Abla’s humanitarian work spans three layers, demonstrating her commitment to helping others survive in the face of violence, persecution, & injustice.

My painful journey has taught me the importance of standing up for truth and justice. We cannot ignore the suffering of any human being.”

— Isik Abla

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Işık Abla Ministries (IAM) announces the nomination of its founder and CEO, Işık Abla, for the prestigious Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity is a global humanitarian award dedicated to recognizing and supporting individuals who risk their lives to save others suffering from violent conflict or atrocity crimes. In honor of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and their saviors, the Aurora Prize Laureate supports grassroots humanitarians. This nomination, made by an Armenian American, recognizes her tireless dedication to promoting peace, justice, and reconciliation in areas deeply affected by conflict and oppression, including Armenians, as a Turkish-born dual citizen.

Born and raised in Turkey, now a dual US citizen, she fearlessly confronts dangerous environments and societal taboos, risking her own safety to speak out against injustices. After fleeing to America to escape her own abusive marriage, Işık has faced resistance and backlash but remains steadfast in her commitment to challenging the status quo and standing up for the rights and dignity of all individuals.

Işık Abla’s multifaceted humanitarian work spans three distinct layers, each demonstrating her unwavering commitment to helping others survive in the face of violence, persecution, and injustice. Her courageous and passionate actions, profound impact, and steadfast dedication to marginalized and oppressed communities make her a deserving candidate for this esteemed award.

Işık Abla stated, “It is a profound honor to be recognized for the work that is so close to my heart. My painful journey has taught me the importance of standing up for truth and justice. We cannot ignore the suffering of any human being. It is imperative that we stand together wholeheartedly in solidarity, advocate for their rights and safety, and extend God’s unconditional love to individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.”

Işık Abla has exhibited exceptional courage in her endeavors to stand against racism and advocate for civil rights for oppressed minorities and women. “She was the first Turk to admit and ask forgiveness publicly on behalf of Turkey for the persecution against Armenians, confessing her family’s (father’s side) involvement in the Armenian genocide on TV and social media.” She asked for forgiveness from the Armenian people in an Armenian Brotherhood Church in Pasadena, where she washed the feet of Armenians as part of peace and reconciliation efforts.

Işık Abla’s actions have had a profound impact on communities and countries where she operates, as well as on a global scale. Through her ministry, she has directly saved numerous lives by providing practical support and resources to those facing violence and oppression. By challenging societal norms and fostering dialogue and reconciliation in conflict-affected regions, her advocacy and activism have inspired countless individuals to take action against injustice. Her work has created a ripple effect of positive change, impacting societies worldwide. Recognized for her dedication, she has received prestigious awards, such as public recognition and appreciation from Armenians for her efforts in peace and reconciliation. Additionally, she actively participates in interfaith dialogues, fostering understanding and unity among diverse religious communities to bring peace and love.

Işık Abla’s commitment to freedom in the Middle East for women and minorities is tantamount to her mission. A poignant example is her own father’s transformation. After visiting an Armenian Church with Işık, despite his family’s involvement in the genocide. Touched by the power of God, and Işık’s deep affection for the Armenian people, he embraced a new path as a Christian believer who was transformed by God’s unconditional love. His transformation led him to weep greatly and become resolutely dedicated to assisting and serving Armenians for the remainder of his life until his passing in 2023.

For more information about Işık Abla Ministries and its mission, visit www.isikabla.com.



Isik Abla was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and raised in a Muslim home. Throughout her life, she experienced verbal and physical abuse and found herself in a highly violent, abusive marriage to a Muslim man.

In 1996, she fled to America from her violent Muslim husband after he tried to kill her. After years of struggling to start her career all over again in a foreign country and failing in many areas of her personal life, Işık fell into a deep depression. She became suicidal. On the day she was planning to end her life, she had a personal encounter with God. That day, she surrendered her life to Jesus, and she received the supernatural healing and redemption of Jesus Christ.

From that moment on, her life remarkably changed for the better. After receiving the Lord’s call to full-time ministry, she attended the Ambassador’s Commission School of Ministry. Soon after her graduation, she became an ordained minister. She studied Biblical studies. Following she attended Yale and Harvard Universities for leadership training.

Today, Işık’s programs are broadcast in multiple languages in over 200 countries on six continents and are available to more than 700 million people.

Her message of hope, love, and redemption, found only in a loving God, resonates and continues to reach the Muslim world for Christ. As a Muslim background believer, she is uniquely positioned, knowing the culture, language, and social norms, to authentically and relationally share the good news of Jesus Christ with Muslims.

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