Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle
Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle

Living for God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle

Minister Armenta Howerton, an inspiring spiritual leader and author of 'Living for God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle

Minister Armenta Howerton

The image encapsulates the essence of a virtuous lifestyle, offering an engaging visual representation of the seven pillars outlined in the promotion.

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Transformative Guide Blends Biblical Wisdom and Character Principles for a Purposeful Life in Alignment with God’s Teachings

The wisest man who ever lived informed us that everything we ever do or accomplish on this earth is meaningless unless we fear God and obey his commandments.””

— Armenta Howerton

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 13, 2024 / — Armenta Howerton‘s latest release, “Living For God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle,” renowned for her expository-style lectures, now extends her teachings beyond the pulpit. It’s a call to rediscover one’s divine purpose and lead a life of virtue. This guide offers a roadmap for readers seeking a deeper connection with God.

Minister Howerton’s teachings, rooted in personal experiences and wisdom gained from her journey, aim to inspire purposeful living aligned with God’s principles. As a testament to God’s calling, “Living for God—Seven Pillars to a Virtuous Lifestyle” serves as a global invitation for individuals to embrace and embody virtuous living.

The seven pillars—Trust, Love, Submission, A Pure Heart, Obedience, Patience, and Humility—are unveiled as the cornerstone of virtuous living. Drawing from her spiritual journey, Minister Howerton empowers readers to navigate life’s challenges with grace, faith, and purpose.

Minister Howerton’s book goes beyond the pages; it’s a movement toward spiritual enlightenment. As Christians grapple with the complexities of modern life, ‘Living For God’ emerges as a guiding light, offering timeless principles to navigate a world often veiled by selfish ambitions.

Available in paperback and hardcover formats on Amazon and major retailers, the book is accompanied by the upcoming release of Armenta’s podcast’s first episode in February 2024.

ISBN: 979-8-89031-387-4 (sc)

ISBN: 979-8-89031-388-1 (hc)

Join Minister Howerton on this transformative journey as she empowers others to live a life dedicated to God’s teachings. For media inquiries, review copies, or interviews, please contact Darcy Lewis at [email protected] or +1 (323) 800-3264.

About Armenta Howerton:

Minister Armenta Howerton the founder and president of Eye On the Prize Ministries International, is on a mission to inspire, equip, and teach individuals to live for God. “Living for God—Seven Pillars to a Virtuous Lifestyle” is a testament to her commitment to spreading God’s teachings and fostering virtuous living. You can also visit her website at

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