Sizzling Romance Meets Western Whodunit in Nicole Simon’s “Ghost Town Secrets”
Sizzling Romance Meets Western Whodunit in Nicole Simon’s “Ghost Town Secrets”

Ghost Town Secrets

Nicole Simon, Author

In a dance of affection and intrigue, two souls unravel the West’s deepest mysteries.

As the mystery of the ghost town unfolds, so does the story of two hearts in a duel with destiny. Even in the wildest of frontiers, love is the greatest adventure and truth the ultimate redemption.”

— Reader Views

SANFORD, NC, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 / — In a spine-tingling blend of dusty trails and passionate tales, acclaimed author Nicole Simon takes readers on a thrilling ride back in time with her latest novel, “Ghost Town Secrets.” This exciting new entry in the genre of Western romance weaves a story of forbidden love and unsolved mysteries set against the haunting backdrop of a long-forgotten ghost town. Blending fate and adventure, Simon’s newest release promises to capture the hearts of romance enthusiasts and mystery seekers alike.

“Ghost Town Secrets” introduces readers to Emma Bennett, a spirited heroine, and Jack Maverick, a ruggedly charming rogue, as they set out on a perilous journey through the Wild West. A trail of cryptic clues leads them to the silent streets of an abandoned settlement, where they confront a corrupt tycoon determined to keep his dark secrets concealed. Amidst barroom brawls and the quest for hidden treasures, their romance blossoms, solidifying their determination to uncover the truth before it’s shrouded by deception and greed. In their ambitious pursuit of justice and redemption, they discover that the old ghost town holds not just the remnants of its own rich history, but also the keys to their collective destiny.

Reflecting on the creative forces that shaped “Ghost Town Secrets,” author Nicole Simon unveils the passions and visions driving her narrative noting, “I was going through a challenging time in my life and needed an outlet to channel my emotions and create something beautiful.”

The praise for “Ghost Town Secrets” resonates throughout the literary landscape, reflecting the bright endorsements from reviewers and readers alike. Here’s what some are saying:

“With every shadowed corner in ‘Ghost Town Secrets,’ love and peril dance a treacherous waltz, revealing that sometimes the most formidable adversary is a heart’s own barricades.” – Reader Views

“Ghost Town Secrets is a nimble and enjoyable read. Briskly paced and populated with full-bodied, three-dimensional characters, it’s a clever and entertaining blend of good old fashioned Western, mystery, gentle romance, and a rip-roarin’, brain teasin’ Whodunit.” – Kristine L, Reedsy Review

“What sets this novel apart is its seamless integration of romance into a compelling mystery plot. The chemistry between Emma and Jack sizzles on the page, adding depth and tension to their quest for truth. Their evolving relationship serves as both a catalyst for uncovering the town’s secrets and a source of emotional resonance for readers.” — Erin Smith, review on Amazon

“This novel has a lot to keep readers reading—a mean villain (town businessman), a unique Western setting, jealousy, secrets from the past, salon fights, hidden treasure, and budding love.” — Mary F Hill, review on Amazon.

“A western love story with a bit of a twist. It makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.” — Sunni T Connor, review on Amazon

“A well-written book and the story has a nice flow. It reminds me of the Nancy Drew’s beloved mysteries.” — Stacy Jo Zercher, review on Amazon

“Ghost Town Secrets” (ISBN: 979-8878527637, Independently Published 2024) is now available at bookstores and online retailers. This compelling tale invites readers on an unforgettable excursion into the rugged heart of forgotten towns where danger lurks and love defies all odds.


Nicole Simon lives in North Carolina with her rescue cat. She enjoys reading, writing, meditation, and watching movies. Her dream is to one day be a homeowner so she can have more than one pet and give a loving home to rescued animals.

Learn more about Nicole Simon and her work at Publicity contact: [email protected]. Review copies available upon request.

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