The Launch of the Updated and Expanded “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors” Book
The Launch of the Updated and Expanded “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors” Book

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors Book

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Jeff Langmaid, DC

Jeff Langmaid, DC

We proudly announce the release of the second edition of “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors” by Jeff Langmaid, DC.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — In a monumental stride forward in chiropractic referral strategies, the second, thoroughly updated edition of Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors is now available. Written by Jeff Langmaid, DC, the visionary founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, this updated and expanded book will provide chiropractors with more proven referral-building strategies.

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors is a comprehensive roadmap for chiropractors eager to elevate their referral game and forge strong, lasting relationships with medical doctors. With the latest edition, readers will receive a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy that promises to generate more referrals in the next 30 days!

Langmaid ingeniously demonstrates that the essence of securing these pivotal referrals lies not in a hard sell but in establishing genuine, professional connections based on evidence and mutual respect. This guide lays out an unmissable roadmap to crafting compelling messages that resonate, building a robust network, and distinguishing your practice in a competitive landscape.

Testimonials Flood In as Chiropractors Reap the Rewards

The results speak for themselves, transforming practices and lives:

“I am currently averaging 30 referrals a month from local providers. Thank you for making this happen!” – Dr. Boyle.

“In less than 3 weeks, we have received 7 new patient referrals from a local medical group. Keep up the incredible work.” – Dr. Houssain.

“Our meetings these past several weeks have already doubled my new patients.” – Dr. Riggin.

These success stories are a testament to the groundbreaking strategies within Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors. This book can help chiropractors not only increase their incoming referrals but also provide the service that leads to the revenue they desire and the time freedom to enjoy it.

Readers can expect to learn:

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step system to start generating referrals fast

Why the 3 Pillars of Case Notes, Monthly Research Briefs, and Meetings are critical for success

How to position the value of your service without pitching chiropractic

How other chiropractors have used this process to generate 30+ referrals month

The healthcare landscape is shifting, and the opportunities for chiropractors to become essential, go-to experts for medical doctors abound. This updated guide is key to unlocking these opportunities and enjoying a seamless flow of patients through the door.

Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors is more than a book; it’s a gateway to growth, success, and professional recognition by bridging the gap and building referral relationships.

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