Actor Zachary Levi to Participate in Fireside Chat on “The Future of AI and Filmmaking” during SXSW 2024
Actor Zachary Levi to Participate in Fireside Chat on “The Future of AI and Filmmaking” during SXSW 2024

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Entertainment Industry Networking Event Presented by AEB + YTexas on March 11 from 11AM-1PM at The SXSW Arterie House

Learn why the entertainment business is coming down to creatives versus AI”

— Zachary Levi, Actor

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2024 / — Actor Zachary Levi, renowned for his role in “Shazam!” and the series “Chuck”, will be a keynote speaker at the AEB & YTexas Filmmakers event during SXSW. Levi, a prominent voice in the entertainment industry, will share his insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors, and how AI is impacting the industry beyond Hollywood.

During a recent appearance at FanExpo in Chicago, Levi expressed his concerns about the rapid advancement of AI technologies and their potential to transform the job landscape drastically. Emphasizing the dual nature of AI, Levi acknowledged the exciting possibilities it offers while also cautioning against its unchecked growth. “AI possesses incredible potential that, if not carefully managed, could significantly impact all of our jobs,” Levi remarked.

Levi’s message was clear: while AI can do remarkable things, including replicating human voices and likenesses with increasing accuracy, it’s essential to approach this technology with awareness and caution. He believes that the power of AI is immense and requires the creative industry to stay vigilant about how it could affect careers and related industries.

Highlighting the particular vulnerability of creative professions to AI advancements, Levi will discuss the broader implications for the workforce. “This isn’t just about Hollywood; it’s a universal challenge that all sectors need to be prepared for,” he added, stressing the importance of solidarity and mutual support as technology continues to evolve.

At the upcoming event, attendees can look forward to a compelling discussion led by Levi on how industries can navigate the future with AI, emphasizing the need for balance between innovation and ethical considerations. Levi’s engagement with the topic promises to offer valuable perspectives on preparing for and adapting to the rapid changes brought about by AI technologies.

Join us for an enlightening session with Zachary Levi and other key industry leaders as we explore the intersection of AI, work, and creativity, and discuss strategies for ensuring a future where technology enhances rather than diminishes human potential.

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