Ivy League Actor Setareki Wainiqolo Shines in Gala Film’s Sci-Fi Series “RZR”
Ivy League Actor Setareki Wainiqolo Shines in Gala Film’s Sci-Fi Series “RZR”

Setareki Wainiqolo with Mena Suvari in Scene from RZR

Setareki Wainiqolo as Cozomo in Gala Film's Dystopian Sci-Fi film, "RZR"

Setareki Wainiqolo as Cozomo in Gala Film’s Dystopian Sci-Fi film, “RZR”

Setareki Wainiqolo is set to be considered for an award nomination for his performance in Gala Film’s Dystopian Sci-Fi film “RZR”, premiered April 2024

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gala Film is set to captivate audiences globally with the premiere of “RZR,” co-written and starring acclaimed actor/producer David Bianchi. Among its standout cast, Setareki Wainiqolo, a Yale School of Drama alumnus, brings his refined skill and depth to the series. Set in a dystopian Los Angeles, “RZR” delves into the realms of artificial intelligence, hacker culture, and the complex dynamics of neural implants. This narrative is brought to life through the experiences of “Grimm,” played by Bianchi, who navigates this treacherous landscape with the aim of saving humanity through innovative brain-internet connections.

At the heart of “RZR” is Setareki Wainiqolo’s portrayal of “Cozomo,” a character that embodies the unpredictability and cunning essential for survival in this future world. Wainiqolo’s career, distinguished by his determination and commitment to refining his art, highlights this role as a key milestone. Bolstered by his experience, having worked alongside influential figures like Emmy Award Winner Audra McDonald (The Good Fight) and WWE Superstar Roman Reigns (Brisk: Hobbs & Shaw), it seems clear that Setareki’s slow but ardent rise through the industry was always inevitable

Bianchi said, “My experience with Setareki was inspiring from the onset. His nuance and understanding of the character even at the self-tape level made it unequivocal for me to decide that he was going to join me on this journey. He wasn’t living in Los Angeles but flying him in was a no-brainer. The acumen, precision, and charming menace that he brought to Cozomo is something audiences will revel in for years to come. I am absolutely convinced that Setareki Wainiqolo is a star, the rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet.”

“RZR” stands as a significant milestone for Wainiqolo, not just for the complexity of the character he portrays but also for the broader implications of his role in advancing the narrative of Polynesian representation in the arts. His participation in “RZR” is currently being highlighted in a “For Your Consideration” campaign for the 76th Primetime Emmy Awards, marking a potentially transformative moment in his career.

Wainiqolo’s journey from his roots in Fiji to becoming the first indigenous Fijian to graduate from the Yale School of Drama underscores the importance of diversity and representation in storytelling. His work in “RZR” not only showcases his talent but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors from underrepresented backgrounds.

The global premiere of “RZR” on Gala FIlm is not just a leap forward for the series cast and creators but also a celebration of the innovative storytelling that challenges and expands our understanding of the future. With its star-studded cast and compelling narrative, “RZR” promises to be a landmark series that will leave a lasting impact on its audience.

Premiered last 4/14/24 and now available for streaming on Gala, “RZR” embodies the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. For more information about the series and to follow Setareki Wainiqolo’s journey, visit Gala Film’s website at https://film.gala.com/ and follow @seta_wainiqolo on Instagram.

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