Talented French composer Angelo Muratelli sought by Florida Studios for theme park music project
Talented French composer Angelo Muratelli sought by Florida Studios for theme park music project

It’s an absolute honor to be part of this visionary project”

— Angelo Muratelli

ORLANDO, FLORIDE, ETAS UNIS, March 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Angelo Muratelli, a renowned French composer and orchestrator known for his expertise in show music, is embarking on an exciting collaboration with prestigious studios in Florida. Together, they will create exclusive original soundtracks for a future attraction at a well-known American park.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Muratelli’s career, expanding his reach onto the international stage. The partnership emerged following a fortuitous encounter during a short film screening in Tokyo in 2022, where Muratelli’s ability to craft musical narratives caught the attention of industry professionals.

The decision to collaborate with Florida Studios was strategic, given their reputation for excellence in audio production and innovation. Located in Florida, these studios are renowned for producing iconic soundtracks and compositions.

The aim of this collaboration is to create bespoke soundtracks to complement the unique experience of the future attraction at the American park. Muratelli’s versatility in various musical genres ensures a cohesive and captivating auditory experience for the attraction’s visitors.

Whether crafting melodies for family-friendly zones or orchestrating thrilling compositions for adrenaline-inducing rides, Muratelli ensures that each soundtrack enriches the overall experience of the attraction.

For Angelo Muratelli, this collaboration represents an opportunity to contribute to a renowned American park attraction and explore new creative horizons. Alongside the talented team at Florida Studios, he aims to create immersive soundscapes that resonate with visitors from all walks of life.

As the collaboration progresses, the world eagerly awaits the opening of the attraction at the American park. The collaboration between Angelo Muratelli and Florida Studios promises to deliver soundtracks that enhance the attraction’s experience for visitors.

About Angelo Muratelli: Angelo Muratelli is a French composer and orchestrator specializing in show music. His talent for creating musical narratives has been praised by industry professionals. The collaboration with Florida Studios marks a significant milestone in his career.

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