UST and LUNA Crash Victims Supported by Revolutionary Partnership Between Superchain Network and UNA
UST and LUNA Crash Victims Supported by Revolutionary Partnership Between Superchain Network and UNA

UNA and Superchain unite to bring recovery to UST and LUNA victims

UNA Logo - UNA is building the community recovery operating system and tokenomics of Web3 communities that collapsed.

UNA Logo – UNA is building the community recovery operating system and tokenomics of Web3 communities that collapsed.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Superchain Network collaborates with UNA, to offer hope and financial relief to those impacted by the UST and LUNA crypto crash.

UST and LUNA are just the beginning. We’re not stopping there. Once we prove out out community recovery system, we will turn our attention to other massive communities that collapsed, like Bitconnect.”

— Enigma, Head Chef at UNA, GP and Founder at EnigmaFund

PORTUGAL, LISBOA, LISBON, March 6, 2024 / — In a bold move for blockchain-based recovery, Superchain (backed by Blockchain Capital, Maven11 and KR1) has unveiled a collaborative effort with UNA, to set a new precedent in aiding the financial recovery of individuals affected by the dramatic UST and LUNA collapse in May 2022. This alliance focuses on deploying blockchain technology to securely and transparently identify impacted users’ wallets, facilitating their path to financial restitution through UNA’s innovative tokenomics and ecosystem.

The crash of $UST and $LUNA marked a dark chapter in cryptocurrency history, leaving numerous investors with significant losses. UNA is at the forefront of creating a specialized recovery ecosystem, employing nuanced tokenomics to offer victims a beacon of financial hope and recovery. Central to this mission is Superchain’s commitment to providing a reliable data backbone, ensuring the equitable distribution of UNA based on precise analysis of UST and LUNA holdings during the critical dates of the depeg event.

Leveraging Superchain’s cutting-edge cross-chain data and blockchain analytical tools, the partnership meticulously works to identify affected wallets, including those on exchanges, in liquidity pools, or participating in farming, guaranteeing that no victim is overlooked. This holistic strategy guarantees all impacted users have an opportunity for fair financial recovery.

Enigma, UNA’s founder and “head chef”, and GP at EnigmaFund, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Joining forces with Superchain is a significant step in our quest to support UST and LUNA crash victims. Superchain’s state-of-the-art trustless data verification empowers us to offer victims a chance at financial renewal, mirroring the generosity seen in Jupiter’s airdrop – and it’s completely free.”

Superchain also emphasized the partnership’s significance, underlining the critical role of trust and transparency in the blockchain realm. “Our technology is engineered to deliver decentralized, trustworthy, and verified data for Web3 and beyond, at unparalleled speed. Our alliance with UNA enables us to dedicate our technology to a commendable cause, aiding in the recovery from one of the sector’s most devastating events,” shared Maxim Legg, Superchain’s cofounder and CTO.

This partnership is not merely a technical collaboration but a testament to blockchain technology’s potential to deliver solutions during crises. Together, Superchain and UNA are not only facilitating financial aid but are also restoring faith within the crypto community.

Individuals affected by the UST and LUNA downturn are invited to engage with this initiative to recuperate their investments. For more details on participation, please visit Superchain Network’s and UNA websites.

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About UNA

UNA is building the recovery operating system and tokenomics for massive Web3 communities that have collapsed. Through its innovative use of blockchain technology, UNA aims to provide support and restitution to individuals and communities affected by cryptocurrency market volatilities.

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Superchain is building infrastructure that delivers the accurate, verified, and transparent data at lightning speed, needed to power the next generation of the decentralized era. Superchain is backed by Blockchain Capital, Maven11, KR1 and other notable Web3 investors.

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