Viking Sunset Studios from Bali to Shine at the 77th Cannes Film Festival
Viking Sunset Studios from Bali to Shine at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

Viking Sunset Studios from Bali to Shine at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

WILMINGTON, NC, USA, May 14, 2024 / — Viking Sunset Studios, nestled along the picturesque beaches of Bali, is set to make a dazzling return to the prestigious 77th Cannes Film Festival. Bali is the dream destination for most people and the studios are committed to hosting large and small film makers in the gorgeous backdrops all over Bali. Led by Founder and CEO, Mr. Bo H Holmgreen, the studio aims to captivate audiences and industry professionals alike with its breathtaking landscapes and top-notch productions.

Returning to Cannes, Mr. Holmgreen is fully accredited to navigate the bustling Cannes Marche, where he will showcase the beauty and creative potential of Viking Sunset Studios. The studio’s latest movie, “The Black Dragon: Karma is the Best Revenge,” shot on the studio’s own beachfront property, promises gripping car chases and intense Mafia action, set against the backdrop of Bali’s stunning scenery.

In addition to its thrilling cinematic offerings, Viking Sunset Studios will also present captivating documentaries, highlighting the rich culture and heritage of Bali. These documentaries serve as a testament to the studio’s commitment to not only entertainment but also cultural preservation and appreciation.

One of the key focuses for Viking Sunset Studios at Cannes will be to engage in discussions with Hollywood creatives and other major filmmakers, inviting them to explore the beauty and creative possibilities that Bali, Indonesia, has to offer. With its year-round sunsets, inspirational cliffs, and meandering rivers, the Viking Sunset beachfront property equipped with an 11 x 25 m (33 x 75 ft) green screen provides a truly unique and awe-inspiring backdrop for filmmakers worldwide.

Viking Sunset Studios spares no expense in ensuring the highest quality productions, investing in state-of-the-art equipment such as the island’s only ARRI Mini LF camera, paired with stunning Leica M 0.8 lenses. By marrying the best in international movie-making technologies with the abundant talent of Indonesia, Viking Sunset Studios is poised to continue producing content that is as visually stunning as it is culturally rich.

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Viking Sunset Studios is a premier film studio located in Bali, Indonesia, renowned for its stunning beachfront scenery and world-class productions. The studio combines international movie-making technologies with Indonesian talent to produce captivating films and documentaries that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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